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Diamond Tools & Bits.

HAYDEN is a modern and dynamically developing company. The use of sophisticated state-of-the-art heat treatment technologies and unique knowledge of powder metallurgy allows HAYDEN to produce a wide range of dies to achieve the best drilling performance.

HAYDEN has an unwavering commitment to research and development. Constantly strives to improve products and test new matrices and the latest technologies. Quality control is a guarantee of demand for products and the main task for production. HAYDEN’s main factory and head office is in Vancouver, British Columbia. The sales office is in Eastern Canada, the USA, and Mexico with service centers in North America and Europe.

Impregnated diamond bits

HAYDEN impregnated diamond core bits are manufactured using high-quality raw materials that are optimal for drilling tools. HAYDEN’s forty years of experience in the drilling industry enables us to offer the best design for a variety of applications. Diversity in die profiles and diamond quality enables optimal core drilling and increases bits life resulting in fewer trips, lower cost per meter, and increased footage per rig.

Casing shoes

HAYDEN’s range of shoes is an effective solution for rock breaking during casing. Optimal design and reinforced outer and inner walls of the die keep the size of the die in all abrasive conditions. The impregnated shoes are available in two designs, both serrated and flat profile. Casing shoes are made from quality raw materials. Shoes are also available in HEAVY DUTY and SUPER DUTY versions.

Expanders HAYDEN

Constant contact of the reamer with the borehole walls increases drilling stability. This achieves a longer service life for the expander and maintains constant geometric dimensions of the well. The diamonds are reinforced with tungsten carbide inserts on the leading edge of the die, which reduces matrix erosion around the diamonds.

Fluid speed

Fluid flow is another crucial factor in drilling optimization. The drilling fluid must effectively cool the bits, remove cuttings from under the bits, and carry it to the wellhead with maximum efficiency. The volume of flushing fluid should increase as the rate of penetration increases. The flow rate of the flushing fluid and its carrying capacity depends on its viscosity. As a rule, the flushing fluid should have an upward flow velocity of the order of 10 cm/sec.

Hayden Diamond Bits

Bits Specifications

Hayden offers a wide range of different waterway sizes and shapes to improve drilling performance in the most tough working conditions. All standard waterway configurations are customizable to customers request.

Standard Straight

• Standard configuration utilized on a wide range of bits for a wide range of applications.
• Recommended for general purpose coring operations.
• Available in narrow and wide configurations.


• Recommended for competent rock, hard and compact formations. Decreases the pressure required on the bits to drill, by reducing the surface area.
• Good fluid and cuttings evacuation to keep the waterways clean.
• It provides greater penetration rates in most competent formations.


V-Ring, Medium or Large Configuration
• Suitable for soft and broken ground applications where blocking of standard waterways is possible.
• It reduce pressure across the bits face and keeps the waterways free of cutting.

Sand Bits

• Deep inset waterways. Help with core recovery in difficult formations.
• Recommended in broken friable ground. The deep waterways help the flush get by the bits face and reduces core washing.

Face Discharge

Circle or Oblong Configuration
• Recommended to use this waterway configuration for rock formations that are soft and fractured. This formation minimizes the contact of fluid with the core sample.
• Suitable to drill with triple tube.(washes away)

Pencil Bits

• Exclusive application in underground coal mining.

Pie / Wedge

• Pie/Wedge configuration has a very good fluid evacuation.
• Helps with the removal of cuttings and debris by flushing the waterways and keeping them free and clean.

Face Port

• Suitable for soft and broken ground formations.
• Reduces pressure to the ID and direct flushing fluid to the face of the bits.

Deep ID Waterways

• Prevents vacuum effect which pulls the core lifter case into the bits that causing loss of water flow to the bits face. The clearance allows water to flow past the bits face and reduces jetting and core washing.
• Recommended for loss of circulation applications.


• Designed with angled waterways. Recommended use in broken ground, the angled waterways provide a high flushing of the waterways and drilling fluids. It improves reaming shell life.
• It improves reaming shell life.

Hayden Core Bits Diameter Standards

Hayden Matrix Chart

HAYDEN is capable of designing and manufacturing bits to any customer specifications and the worlds exploration industry.


When selecting a bits there are 3 main factors that contribute to decision making

Rock Informations

Rock types are classified by their different chemistry and structure. Hardness in theory is relative; therefore, soft rocks can prove more difficult to drill than hard rock. Also, the same rock formations, in different locations, can drill differently.

Factors that Determine Drillability.

Rock Hardness

Measured using MOHS hardness scale: The Mohs scale of mineral hardness is a qualitative ordinal scale that characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material.

Bits Characteristics

Matrix – Each of the matrices has a different rate of wear. The matrix chosen is ideal when there is a balance between the wear of the matrix material and the diamonds exposing ensuring a high rate of penetration and optimum bit life.

Gauge – The outer (hole) and inner (core) dimensions of the bit

Crown Height – Ranging from 4mm to 18mm in height. With higher crowns available upon request. The height of the crown is chosen based of hole depth and wear rate.

Waterways – There are multiple different waterway configurations depending on the drilling conditions