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Drilling fluids and reagents


Drilling of exploration wells is a responsible and complex technological process. When drilling wells, the driver must be 100% sure of the quality of the tool and consumables. The use of high-quality polymer additives and lubricants allows us to solve a wide range of geological problems with the least loss of time and effort.

The main tasks solved by using modern polymers can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Cooling and lubrication of the drill bit and drill rods;
  2. Retention of the cuttings in suspension in the event of an emergency shutdown of the drilling process.
  3. Removal of cuttings from the well.
  4. Ensuring the separation of sludge on the surface.
  5. Prevention of swelling of clay rocks and fixation of sands.
  6. Maintenance of hydrostatic pressure in the well.
  7. Improving the efficiency and productivity of drilling operations.

For normal conditions, it is sufficient to use a two- or three-component solution with the use of additives, by changing the concentrations of which, it is possible to achieve a good stable solution with consistent geological properties and vary them over a wide range based on real needs.